What is CrossBox?

Firstly CrossBox is only available on certain packages and servers, so let us know if you would like this added.

Designed for those who settle only for the best — CrossBox is beautiful, dazzlingly fast, and comes with advanced features that provide you and your team with cutting-edge communication technologies.

In its simplest form, CrossBox is a reinvented Webmail Client, designed for simplicity and ease of use - backed by an incredibly powerful feature set.


Powerful Email Composer

Why limit yourself to an inferior email editor? CrossBox has over 25 formatting options that allow you to style your email in detail, helping you leave a lasting impression of polished professionalism.


Previewer Built-in

Don't you hate downloading .docx and .xlxs files just to see what's inside? With CrossBox, you can preview any document, spreadsheet, presentation, image, audio, or even video directly from your inbox.


Send Later

You've just finished writing an email. But it's late. You wouldn't want to disturb anybody in the middle of the night! With CrossBox, it's easy to schedule a timed email delivery. Just choose — for example, Monday at 8:30 am. When your contact gets to the office, they'll see your email first.


Email Snoozing

Emails are piling up, but you don't want to deal with them right now? With CrossBox, you can snooze any conversation. Just choose time — for example, tomorrow — and it will remain out of your sight until then. Focus on what matters, and experience a more productive inbox.


Size Matters

How many times have you wanted to send an email with a couple of attachments only to find out that you can't — the email size limit is being forced on you — typically 25MB or less! With CrossBox, you can send huge files to any email address, without the need for anyone involved to use a third party sharing app.


Canned Responses

Are you tired of replying to the same question over and over again? Canned Responses help you quickly send predetermined responses to common questions you get in your email every day. Free your time and reply within seconds instead of minutes.


Email Follow-Up

Need to do a follow-up on a conversation you had, but you may forget about it in a week? Create an email reminder to remind you — for example, in one week — and CrossBox will let you know when the time comes.


Delayed Sending

We've all sent them before. Incorrectly spelt names, accidental typos, and emails that we regret. With Delayed Sending, you can give yourself time to stop an email from being sent out, just on the off chance that you change your mind.


Email Health Indicators

Many elaborate scams start with a simple email that appears to be from a well-known company. To solve this problem, CrossBox displays Email Health Indicators next to each email, making it easy for you to spot and avoid emails from the bad guys.


Machine Learning

Use the advantages of machine learning to teach CrossBox what emails you want and don't want in your Inbox. Next time such email surfaces, CrossBox will use the trained data to automatically execute actions based on your previous decisions.


Undo Everything

How many times you deleted some emails and then realized that you would like to have them again? No problem — click the undo button, and your previous action is automatically reversed. The undo button makes it easy to recover from mistakes that have been made inadvertently.


Organize your Mailbox

You can create both simple and complex (nested) email folder structures, organizing your email space just the way you like. For better visual distinguishability, you can also assign each mailbox its appropriate icon and colour.


Conditions and Actions

Anyone can send you an email, but only you get to decide what happens next. For example, you can create a filter that marks an email as seen and moves it to the "Annoying" folder — As a result, your filter will automatically silence the email address that is bothering you.


Advanced Search

Doesn't it suck when your search returns irrelevant results? Or even nothing at all? With CrossBox, you can track down anything, even a deeply buried email attachment you received years ago.


Email Import

Nobody likes moving their emails. It's a tiresome and stressful task. With CrossBox, importing emails is simple. Just enter your email address details, put your feet up, and relax while the import tool takes care of everything.



Going on vacation, but you don't trust your locally running autoresponder software? Don't worry — CrossBox has a built-in autoresponder that runs directly on the server. When enabled, you can rest assured that people trying to reach you will get your automated reply — even if your mail app is not running or your internet connection fails.


Email Signature

Choose from over 20, premade, professional-looking email signatures that help you leave a lasting impression. All your personal details are automatically pre-populated, so you can start emailing as quickly as possible.


Shortcut Menus

In CrossBox, there is a shortcut menu for everything. And who doesn't love shortcut menus? They make common actions more accessible, and they let you quickly perform contextual actions for selected items.


Tailored to You

Why let any app enforce a way on how you communicate? With CrossBox, you're always at the helm, easily fine-tuning your app settings to match with your reading and writing habits. You can finally enjoy full control over the way you read, write, send, and track your emails.


Suspicious Links

When properly masked, legit-looking links you find in emails can lead to quite dangerous places on the web. Many of them contain malware or other malicious content. CrossBox cares about your safety, therefore it warns you before you try visiting such a website.


Real-time File Sharing

It's only natural that people participating in the channel want to share files with each other. CrossBox makes this an effortless experience — Simply drop files into the channel window, and of you go — Files are instantly available to everyone.



Everyone you communicate with, within a single and intuitive interface.


Contact Card

Hover over any avatar to show the person's contact card. From here, you can swiftly start a new email thread, a chat channel, or view and edit the contact details.


Easy On Your Eyes

Dark Mode enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, facilitating screens to adjust according to current light conditions, and providing the comfort of use at night or in dark environments.


Security and Access Recovery

With built-in Two Factor Authentication (2FA) support, CrossBox helps you add an additional layer of security to your email address. On the other hand, in the event you lose the password, the recovery email address and security questions can help you in recovering access to the account.



If you have more than one email address, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once. That way, you can switch between accounts without signing out and back in again.


Get more done with multitasking

Multitask like a pro with the ability to minimize your windows and quickly switch between different activities in real-time. You can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, like being in a conference call and replying to an email at the same time.

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