How to get my contact form working on WordPress

If you are finding that your contact form messages are being sent but not arriving at the destination, it may be because there is no FROM address being specified in the form. In order to do this we recommend installing the following plugin: WP Mail SMTP by WPForms.

To do this navigate to the plugins section in WordPress and click “Add New”. Then search for the plugin as below:

WordPress Email Plugins

Once you have installed that, activate it in the same plugins section as below:

Active WordPress Email Plugin

Next, go into the Settings for the plugin

WordPress Email Plugin Settings

Fill in the plugin settings as per the images below. The ‘From Email’ would be an email address that exists on the server. Please also select the ‘Force From Email’ checkbox and ‘Other SMTP’.

Please note: Choosing Gmail/Mailgun/Sendgrid will not work as Remote SMTP connections are blocked. It must be an address on the server.

WordPress Email Plugin Choose


In SMTP Host put in your mail server hostname which can be found in your cPanel > Email Accounts > Connect Devices. However, your domain must resolve to the IP address of the server using our nameservers.

Fill in the rest of the settings as per the image.

WordPress Email Plugin Finish

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