How to Change Your cPanel Password

This tutorial will teach you how to change your cPanel password. Please remember to make your password Strong and Secure. This tutorial will assume that you are already logged into your client area. If you are having problems doing that, or don't know how, please view the tutorial named "How to Login to the Client Area".

Once logged in, you will see a tab called Services, click it.

On the next page you will find a list of the hosting account(s) you have with us. Find the account you want to change the cPanel password for. At the far right of that account listing you will find Manage Product click it.

You will now come to an overview of that web hosting account. Here you can login to cPanel directly and change your password, you can select Change Password to the left of that page. Keep in mind you will also be changing your password for FTP access to your account.

Once done, you can now logout using the Logout button in the upper right corner.

Remember, if you are using a public computer, ALWAYS Logout of cPanel before closing due to security reasons.

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