How to Change Your OpenCart Admin Password in phpMyAdmin

This is a very simple and straight forward guide on reseting your admin password for your OpenCart website.

- Firstly, log into cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin.

- Open the database that your OpenCart store uses. Just click it once fro the left hand side.

Find the "user" table and select it, then click on Edit, next to your "admin" user entry.

After you enter: 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99 into the password field, click Go, to save your changes.

Remember: This string changes your password to "password" (without the quotes). You should only use this password temporarily for the admin user to login.
Note: Since this string has already been converted to the proper format, do not select the MD5 hash.

- Now, attempt to log into the OpenCart Dashboard with your new password

WARNING!: Be sure to change the password as soon as you log into the dashboard, since using "password" is insecure.

You have now changed your OpenCart admin password. If you have any questions or are not confident on doing this, just let us know.

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