How to Create a MySQL Backup

There are two ways to back up your MySQL databases. You can use the backup utility in your cPanel account or you can manually backup using phpMyAdmin.

To use the backup utility, do the following:

- Login to your cPanel and click Backup.
- On the left further down you will see the list of MySQL Databases.
- Select the one to backup. This will download a backup copy to your computer.

You now have a backup copy of your database.

To manually backup using phpMyAdmin follow these steps:

- Login to your control panel at 
- Click on 'phpMyAdmin' under the 'Databases' menu
- From the dropdown list to the left, choose the database you wish to export the backup from. 
- Click on the 'Export' Tab. 
- Click the 'Select All' link shown in blue, then tick the 'Save as file' box and 'Go'. 
-  You will be asked to save the .sql file to the hard drive, click 'Save'. 
- Choose the location to save to and click 'Save'. 

Your database has now been exported.
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