WHAT! My Web Host Died?

Not all clients of web hosting companies are afraid of death.. some just don't want to be there when it happens...  For those misfourtunate to still be clients, they possibly wish they had just paid closer attention to the web hosting reviews, left at the first sign of something strange or unpleasant and are praying for backups that are not corrupted. If that is, you even still have contact with your web host!

You guessed it, we are going to be discussing web hosts that vanish!

In the last few years that we have been operating we have been made aware of a number of small web hosts that have come, and then gone just as quick. Although a few have been around for a year or two, most have survived 6 months and closed down for good. But what's the real truth behind all this? Lets find out.

We won't drag this out so lets get straight to it.

There are many people out there wanting to make some money and do little to no work for it. This is true with these cheap web hosts run by one guy. They advertise for clients offering low priced packages. Get them in quick, and disappear when the going gets tough. The worst part of it is that you, the client, has now lost all that hard work and in many cases livelihoods. Website down, emails down, and no way of getting to your files to get the backups you desperately need to get this functioning again. You email the host, you either get no reply or a bounce back message saying "failed to deliver". So, of you go in search of an alternative host for around the same cost. STOP! Don't do it! Why?

Remember, it is very easy to setup a web host nowadays with reseller packages available to anyone who wants to give it a go. So what happens? The same guy who you hosted with, has now popped back up under a different name. New website, web address, contact details but all the same price and promises. Do you really want to host with them again? Why do they do it? Simple, take as much money as possible in as short a time as possible, run, and do it again. This article is not designed to scare you, it just explains the grim truth of cheap low cost web hosting that is not established in the marketplace at all.

How Do I Avoid it?

If you really are looking for a low cost web host who will be around for the long term, you need to do some research. How long has the host been going for? Are there any reviews out there on the web? Are they a registered company? Anyone heard of them? Test their support, email them at midnight and see how long it takes for a response. You don't need to stay up all night for the response. Email them, go to sleep, and check in the morning if you even have a reply. These are all the basic checks you can do which will help with your search for a low cost reliable web host.

How Can I Trust SharkHosting?

This is a very good question as we are a low cost web hosting service. The difference? Well, although we have only been around since 2015. We are still here and will be for a very long time to come. We are a registered UK company and have servers located in the US and in the UK for our cloud based services. We have 24/7 live chat and support tickets available when you need it. SharkHosting's pricing has also been structured in such a way that it is sustainable for the long term and not just a one-hit-wonder.

We always advise that no matter who you host your website with, that you always take your own regular backups of all your website and email files. 

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