SharkHosting Cheap UK Hosting, too good to be true? Are they Legit?

SharkHosting have been arond since 2015 offering low cost web hosting packages from day one. Now part of NET87, it wasn't until 2016 that it really took off, initially starting in the UK and now serving over 20,000 domains globally.

There are a variety of packages to suit your needs dependng on the type of project in mind, ranging from a 1 website hosting package to a VPS along with domain registration.

The most common questions people ask themselves is, How so cheap? and, Is SharkHosting a legitment real hosting service?

Ok, so how so cheap? Unlike many other web hosting companies out there, SharkHosting keeps its overheads as low as possible with little to no marketing costs. This is one of the biggest expenses in the web hosting industry with competition extremely fierce. However, SharkHosting is not competing. SharkHosting is merely proving that low cost cheap web hosting can work, and can exist for the long term. In other words, it looks like SharkHosting is competing when you consider the price and what you get for it, but it is not.

In the low cost web hosting sector of the hosting industry lie many thousands of small web hosts, mostly run by people looking to earn a little extra in their spare time. Unfortunately there also lie many other cheap hosts that offer everything you need for just £1 only to disappear after a very short period of time. This is called "DeadPooling" when a person or company sets themselves up to provide very low cost hosting for a few months and then, disappear with no chance of a refund for the customer. This tends to happen most on some well known auction sites where you seem to get everything offered for just a £1. You can even host as many websites as you wish in these packages! Imagine that, as many websites as you like for just £1.The larger hosts such as Hostgator and Godaddy must be really worried about this! We think not.

Lets be realistic here. Do we honestly beleive that such a company would be able to offer a package where you can host as many websites as you like, unlimited disk space etc. and still be in business? That is not to mention the cost of the server, management of the server, billing software, control panel for clients, staffing costs, operating costs and any other advertising. It just does not work. That also does not mention about support, which is non-existent.

Ok, so the above makes sense and makes us all very worried about finding a dependable trustworthy low cost web host. So, is there really a legitimate low cost web host out there?

Of course, as it is our blog post on our website we will be focusing on us, SharkHosting. There may well be a few others out there like us, but we have yet to hear of them. So, is SharkHosting actually dependable?

Look at it this way, SharkHosting registered itself as a company in 2016 and changed its name to NET87 in late 2019. This has enabled SharkHosting to grow allowing the company to expand and offer additional online services. This allowed for the creating of our 3 core values of Trust, Reliability and Exceptional Value. This means trusting us to ensure that your website is up and secure along with providing you with the web hosting service for the duration of which you have paid for. Also trust in the data that we hold and you provide us with in order to setup your account. We never, share or sell data. We have very strict procedures in place to ensure your account and personal data remain secure at all times.

Reliability is also very important in terms of uptime for your website and technical support when you need it. With the creation of our own newly developed network infrastructure, which allows for better redundancy and network monitoring, we are really adding additional value to an already feature packed product.

Exceptional Value is something we aim to maintain as this was something we really wanted to prove was possible. It is possible to have a low cost web host and for it to be around for the long term. We are proof of that. We freely admit that we also started out the same way on an auction site offering web hosting packages with similar features and benefits, minus the unrealistic "host unlimited websites" feature of course. However, there is a difference, we are serious about what we do. When a business is treated like a business, it can grow and prosper. That is exactly what we have today, a business that is growing and at the same time, providing an excellent value service to its clients.

So, go ahead, give us a go. We are not going to guarantee the world. We are not going to say we are the best. We may not get everything right all of the time. However, what we can say is that we are proud to be offering this service at such a great price and still be viable for the long term. It means for those who just want to host a website and for it to work, then why pay over the odds for that? For those who just want to experiment or a place to start out and grow, then SharkHosting is ideal. There is just one thing we would like to say, think very carefully about choosing a host offering the world for £1. However, as always, the choice is always yours to make.

To the Point Summary - We Offer

- Host 1 website for £5 a year
- Instant Setup
- FREE 24 Hour Migration to Us
- FREE Automated Daily Backups
- cPanel Control Panel
- Email Accounts
- Subdomains
- Website Monitoring
- WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop etc.
- Softaculous Scripts Installer
- 24/7 Tech Support
- 24/7 Live Chat Support
- 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
- No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

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