Online File Storage

There are various types of file hosting, including subscription-based services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and self-hosted file sharing apps, like BlueHost and InMotion Hosting. The type of file hosting that will work best for you depends on how many files you're saving, their size, the type of security you need, and how much control you want over your files.

Let's get back to basics. what is Online File Storage?

This is a place where you can simply login and securely upload documents, images and files to be stored and accessed anywhere in the world. Some services have downloadable software for your PC or device as well as an online portal.

Whether you’re looking for a place to safeguard all the images and videos that illustrate your favorite memories or perhaps somewhere to store the business documents that show how your hard work translated to major accomplishments and success, you’ll want to find a trusted hosting provider that won’t accidentally lose, destroy, or otherwise expose your information.

FileSpice is the latest addition to our range of services offering simple straight forward online file storage. Fully mobile optimised and integrated into your Client Area, it makes it easy for you to store files, documents, images, website and hosting related files such as a website backup for that extra peace of mind. You can also share files you have uploaded and embed videos into your website. You don't have to have any services with us, you can simply register to get 5GB of online file storage FREE. It's safe, secure and simple. You can also upgrade your account for additional storage whenever you need it.

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