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We would like to welcome all our latest clients to SharkHosting and hope that your project is going according to plan. Will it snow this year in the UK? It is looking likely!

Today, we publish once again our monthly figures on just how quick we are to respond to support tickets. We will let you know every month how well we are doing so that you know what to expect from us if you ever require our assistance.

The results are as follows:

- Our average response time to support tickets submitted in October 2016 was 1.58 hours.

- 50% of support tickets submitted were answered within 0-1 hour.

- 33.3% were answered within 1-4 hours.

- 16.7% were answered within 4-8 hours.

As most of you probably know, last month 75% were answered within 0-1 hour and the rest within 1-4 hours with an average first response time of 1.09 hours. So why is it not better or the same as last month? Well, after reviewing this we can see we had a large increase in support tickets being submitted. Which is no surprise with a growing business! However, that does not mean our response times will increase over time. We recognise this and will ensure that we continue to aim for our target of 30-45 minute average first response to your support requests.

These results are still impressive compared to most web hosting companies out there. We are committed to working towards the target we have set ourselves and fully believe that in providing excellent support, along with rapid responses, we can ensure the future growth of SharkHosting will continue.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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