Winter is almost upon us and temperatures are falling, but there is one thing that isn't, our impressive reliability known as Uptime!

To update you all we have decided to let you know, from time to time, how reliable we are. Most hosts claim they have 100% Uptime and when you join this is not the case. We guarantee 99.9% Uptime and that is what we have been achieving consistently for the past year. We are an honest, reliable host and wish to keep it that way!

- Our Uptime for the last 24 hours was 100%
- Our Uptime for the last 7 days was 100%
- Our Uptime for the last 30 days was 99.96%

To prove we don't make it up and pretend we are better than all the others out there, you can check this out yourself at www.uptimerobot.com for FREE!

Thank you for reading and enjoy using our super fast, reliable web hosting service.


The SharkHosting Team

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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