Hi all,

We are now well into Autumn and the leaves are falling. There is one thing that isn't. Our level of support to you!

Today, we publish our monthly figures on just how quick we are to respond to your requests for help. We will let you know every month how well we are doing so that you know what to expect from us if you ever require our assistance.

The results are as follows:

- Our average response time to support tickets submitted in September 2016 was 1.09 hours.

- 75% of support tickets submitted were answered within 0-1 hour.

- Only 25% were answered within 1-4 hours. BUT! This is too high for us.

These results are impressive and our aim is to respond to support tickets within an average of 30 minutes. This is a tall order. However, this is not impossible.

We are committed to working towards the target we have set ourselves and fully believe that in providing excellent support, along with rapid responses, we can ensure the future growth of SharkHosting will continue.

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Thank you for your time.



Monday, October 3, 2016

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