During this year 2020 we have been experiencing a pandemic with the virus COVID-19. It has been tough for everyone and is about to get even tougher. Not only are we heading for a second global wave but, the length of time this pandemic is with us is also increasing.

We have had pandemics before which have also lasted a similar length of time. Many people have died with many more out of work. Not able to work due to the shortage of jobs around but also due to the restrictions in place to help prevent and slow the spread of the virus. This of course will have an effect on economies globally. Yet, some people still are able to work and have an income. Why and how?

Well remember the internet boom between 1995-2000? You may think it is too late to even think of building an online business or expanding online, but it is not. In fact, this is an ideal time to begin and expand. Why? Well, more and more people will be at home and internet usage has rocketed since the beginning of 2020. More people than ever are browsing the web, but not just browsing. Many people were and still are being paid to stay home because work places may not be able to accommodate all staff and function fully. Which means, more online purchases are being made, more content is being read and explored and more new websites than ever have been created.

Ok, so building a website, selling stuff, affiliate marketing, general blog or self employed business website would be a great idea. However, isn't it expensive to setup a website? How do you do it? Just how?

It used to be expensive and complicated setting up a website. Paying a designer to build it and then to host the site somewhere so it is online and visible to the world. It would cost hundreds to do. Not now.

You can get a decent, reliable and safe web hosting package and domain name with us for as little as £10. No, that is for a whole year! What about building the site? There are many tools included for free to help you do just that. You can build a website easily with pre-made website templates and then modify it as you wish, and to how you like.

We have our 30 day money back guarantee in place on all web hosting packages, excluding domain names. So you can give it a go building a site and getting online yourself with no risk.

Check out our site for more information and contact us with any questions you have. We are here to help.

* TOP TIP: Grab a domain name from any domain registrar for as cheap as possible and you can point or direct that domain to your web hosting package here, saving you a ton of money.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and well.


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Monday, October 5, 2020

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