Hi all,

Hope you are all well and have had an excellent Christmas and New Year! We wanted to updated you with our plans for 2019 and beyond.

SharkHosting started out in 2015 as just a small basic low cost web host without any real 24/7 support or hosting server network and has grown to be what it is today. After just 2 years, we now have over 10 powerful servers, including our new UK Cloud servers, and look after over 2,700 websites and clients in over 90 countries around the world. Our aim is to continue to improve on this and remain extremely  competitive as well as keeping our service sustainable for the long term.

We have already added over 500 additional domain extensions available for registration and transfer right now! Why not check them out here - Domain Name Checker

Our main focus in 2019 and beyond is to keep adding additional features and addons to your services to provide you as many tools as possible to, not only build your websites, but to make it much easier to maintain and understand how they work. One of these features is to have WordPress fully integrated into your Client Area, making it so much easier and simpler than ever before to setup, install and maintain your WordPress website. Coupled with this is our new Website Monitoring tool which was added in late 2018. This is still new and is available to everyone at SharkHosting. This allows you to check the SSL status of your website and if the domain is pointing correctly to us and will show if your website is up or down. This is a fantastic tool, but does only update every 24 hours when there is something to update you about. This is something we shall be reviewing to increase the frequency of these updates in future.

We also understand, and have had feedback on, file storage and VPS packages. Although this may be more towards the later part of 2019, this is still something we are planning ahead for. We cannot make guarantees or promises, but we would like to have these services operational for you in 2020.

As with all future planned expansion and growth requires additional resources to make it happen. To make SharkHosting the cheapest, but the best low cost web host. We have yet to see another host like us being able to provide the services we provide, as competitive as we do, and for the long term. Not just for 6 months or a year and disappear, but for many years to come.

Finally, we are constantly expanding and improving on our server network. We cannot and will not function without YOU! You have decided to choose SharkHosting as your web hosting and domain name provider, and we thank you for that.

Thank you for reading and we hope you continue to enjoying using our services. Any questions just ask, we are always here to help.


The SharkHosting Team


Sunday, January 20, 2019

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