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As the title suggests, SharkHosting is now offering UK Cloud Web Hosting services as of NOW! You can host 1 website from £2.95 a year or muliple websites from just £1.00 a month all in the Cloud.

This is an additional service that we have been working hard to put into place for the past 4 months and today it is finally ready.

So Why Cloud Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is fast becoming a popular way to host resource hungry websites. SSD web hosting is more than adequate for the job however, these standard shared web hosting services do have their drawbacks. On rare occasions, when a server is down or malfunctions, your website is affected and all its services go down with it. With the Cloud, your website is using what it needs from a number of server resources known as a network or a cluster of servers and not just relying on one server to do the job. In the majority of cases this means almost 100% uptime. As a result of using multiple servers, the hosting service provided is 2 x faster and more powerful than traditional SSD web hosting.

Why not give it a go with our risk free 30 day money back guarantee today!

Thank you for considering SharkHosting as your web hosting & domain name provider.


The SharkHosting Team

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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