We have been informed, by a number of people looking to move web hosts, that a web host based in the north of the UK has gone down and disappeared! Started in 2013 known as NorthHosts.co.uk, they provided a number of web hosting services and claimed to have a 'no jargon' approach to customer service. As there is no live website for NorthHosts, you can see how this is easily achieved!

Unfortunately, joking aside, there have been a number of people who have lost their hard work, projects, blogs and even small business websites due to the demise of NorthHosts. From our own research and feedback from others, we understand that the customer service wasn't much to be desired. Many people were shocked at the extremely rude responses received when requesting support. Along with increased pricing of more than 150% after the first year, downtime and poor customer service, it is no surprise that people decided to go elsewhere.

We do not take any pleasure in announcing this news however, all of the above information is an example of a web host that just won't be around long. It is a real shame as many people had built trust over a period of time with NorthHosts only to loose it all overnight.

SharkHosting remains committed to providing low cost high quality web hosting with excellent customer service 24/7. Since 2015 we have grown from servicing the UK market alone to hosting client's websites in over 84 countries around the world. Our packages and pricing structure have been neatly put together to ensure sustainability and growth for the long term.

Never get caught out like this again, and always, always, make a personal backup of all your website files, email accounts and MySQL databases.

Thank you for reading, and happy hosting!


The SharkHosting Team

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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