Hi everyone,

We wanted to update everyone, including our clients, on the progress SharkHosting and the team have made since our launch in 2015.

We started out as a very small low cost web hosting company with no history and no real reputation. After 2 and half years we have grown from nothing to being responsible for over 2,000 websites and domains in 84 countries around the world! Our objective is to become one of the leaders in ultra fast unlimited SSD web hosting for a very competitive price.

Unfortunately, there are many 'so called' businesses and people out there offering similar or lower priced products. The result, is a business model that has not been very well thought out and will inevitably disappear as so many of them do on a monthly basis. We are inundated daily with stories of someone having built up their small business or website blog only to have it disappear overnight due to no fault of their own. With the promise of 'the world' for just £1, and in most cases 'the world' for life for just a couple of quid more. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is simply not possible. Why do people do it? Quite simply, to take as many orders as possible, take the money, and run! Then, just like a hamster on a wheel, it continues round in a circle. They start up again, call themselves something different, and away we go again!

So what's the difference with us?

SharkHosting now has a proven track record. Having been around since 2015, with a small team of people who have been in the web hosting industry for many years, SharkHosting has displayed its reliability, trust and integrity. We are not here, gone next month. We are here and we are here to stay.

All we can say, is give us a try. We are not here to convince you or try and sell to you how incredible we are, or even give you 'the world' for a pound. We are simply showing the facts of how a small business with drive and ambition can enter an extremelly competitive marketplace to provide something unique and sustainable for the long term.

Try us FREE for 30 days using coupon code SHARKTRIAL at the checkout when you order our Blue Shark package. Fancy an alternative package? No problem, you are always covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.

Thanks for reading!


The SharkHosting Team

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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